Michigan Black Republican Caucus


Who We Are

The Michigan Republican Black Caucus is a 501c4 organization dedicated to promoting the ideas and policies of free market principles, individual liberty, urban renewal policy, and voter education.


Recruiting, supporting, mentoring, and pushing the common values among Black Republicans in Michigan.

Promoting Issues for stronger urban centers across Michigan. Focusing on the issues that are important to the voters in the community, and more importantly bringing solutions to the table that will work.

Promoting the values and Issues of both the Republican Party and how those values and policies can have a positive effect on urban Michigan.

Appointment Recommendations- Statewide and Federal

The Michigan Black Republican Caucus wants to help its members, and other black business leaders advance their careers by appointments and job placements. The power of our network and working together to bring qualified candidates for appointments, government procurement contracts, internships, and jobs in government. The Caucus believes in diversity and pushing for hiring practices that have inclusion in the process.

Grassroots Activism

Candidate Development- Taking a long-term approach to developing servant leaders and building a grass roots support team at every level of elected government.  Too often black Republicans are starting at running for elected positions when they don’t have the support, experience, or resources for a successful campaign. The Michigan Black Republican Caucus wants to change that dynamic.  Recruiting candidates at every level from local school board to US Senate. Learning how to fundraise, using voter technology programs, and how to properly operate a campaign.

Delegate Recruitment

With so many empty seats in urban cities throughout Michigan this is where black Republicans can make an immediate impact. With the proper amount of delegate representation, black Republican can begin to have a voice in state party politics and make an impact on the kind of leaders elected and chose to represent the party. Learning how to use the available technology is crucial.

Download the Delegate Form Here.  

The County by County, Neighborhood by Neighborhood Model

Become a Neighborhood or County Captain, and take responsibility for your community, developing the relationships, participating in local events, leading volunteers, and recruiting new members.


MBRC Faith Base Program

Working with the faith base community- The faith base community is conservative by nature, the MBRC wants to create long term relationships not based off simply election time so that there is strong network between Black Republicans and the church community.

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