Wayne Bradley Founded the MBRC in 2018.  Wayne Bradley is the managing partner of American Urban Strategies after working with many national and statewide campaigns scheduling for his radio show, he saw the best of campaigns and the worst of campaigns. Social media, organization, consistent messaging, and of course funding makes the difference. There is a glaring need to bridge conservative values, the Republican Party, and conservative leaders in urban areas within both in African American and Latino communities. American Urban Strategies looks to provide the plan, provide proper messaging, and help with the execution of strategy that will begin to responsibly bring the communities in need of a conservative message to the people best to serve them as elected officials and community leaders. Wayne Bradley, a Detroit native, and Michigan State graduate is currently the State Director of African American Engagement of the MI Republican Party and has held this position since September 2013 coming from the Republican National Committee as part of the Growth and Opportunity Project. He was awarded the 2015 Political Advocate of the Year by the Michigan Black Chamber of Commerce and recently received a community award from the Change Agent Consortium. The project is a year-round, long-term commitment to building relationships in communities and getting more African Americans involved with the Republican Party. The MI Republican opened the first Victory Center in Detroit with the goal being community engagement. The office opening received national attention because Senator Rand Paul attended the office opening. Throughout the year national leaders and state elected leaders held roundtable meetings with members of the community. The engagement efforts looked to be effective with all statewide elections receiving a larger amount of votes in the Detroit area. Wayne also participated in the historical Senate runoff election in Louisiana, helping to insure a victory for Senator Bill Cassidy and restoring the Republican led majority in the Senate.